Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Toyslogic, why?

Ah, Togi-chan kawaii.  Fortune Arterial, nice game.

The end of march is here, and that means a sh*tload of
merchandise for me, or at least so I thought.

I looked over all my orders for this month and now
Toyslogic moved a few of them to april, which is
stupid. If it says 31 march, then release it 31 march,
dammit! Well, at least Hobby Search, Hobby Link and
Rightstuf are on the spot. Hopefully this week, I will have
a few things to show in my blog.

April is gonna be a sweet month aswell, I will
recieve even more merchandise this month (if Toys 
isn't toying with me)  and of course GTA IV will
be released, finally. And of course we got alot of new
anime airing, which will hopefully be better than the
start of this year. So far I liked 5 of the new series,
need more epic ones.

Anyway, good year so far.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clannad - Sakagami Tomoyo

Clannad (Tomoyo)
1/8 PVC
Released: Apr 2006
Price: 3500 Yen
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Tomoyo, one of my personal favorites in Clannad. She
is just stunning. Kotobukiya did a pretty good job
with this one, she is cute and looks pretty much
as she should. Though, there is a few flaws here
and there, but those are from the mass production.
And as you can see, I used a black background, though
I used some light on it. I didn't want a complete
black background on this one.

The paintjob is great, and the molding is nice too.
There is a few spots on her hair, like a really
small crack, from mass production. Nothing major
though. I also like this whole apron and pot pose,
she really fits into the whole thing. Also, I noticed
I got some small lightspots (I tried to erase them
using gimp). Anyone know how I can erase these from
the beginning?

I noticed how some photos got a darker background,
don't know why as I didn't moved the lamps that much.
Anyway, her slippers are just to cute. I had a hard time
taking a good photo on these, the shadows were pretty
hard to soften up. I used 1 diffuser, 1 lamp from above
(40-45 degrees from her) and a reflector (foil). Suggestion?

Anyway, I'm really exicted to get the rest of the Clannad
girls, hopefully they will be as good (or better) as Tomoyo.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Megachu! - Leukothea

 Megachu! (Leukothea)
1/8 PVC
Released: Oct 2007
Price: 4500 YEN
Manufacturer: Alter

The eroge and hentai Megachu! got some sweet
characters, such as Fauna, Jordh and Leukothea.
My personal favorite is Leukothea, cute little
loli with small pigtails and small wings, she is just
too cute.

Alter really did a great job with the whole head part.
Her face is awesome, and the hair is just superb done.
I really like the face, it got good details and a nice paint job.

The body is nice too, though there is a minor flaw in
my opinion. Her left arm looks kinda strange, but it's not
something that completly destroys the figure. Also, you can
see a few lines from the work, but as with the arm, nothing major.
The pose is sweet, especially if you stand behind her. (b・∀・)b

I used 2 lamps, though 1 of the lamps was kinda strong.
I didn't noticed how strong it was until I had transferred the
photos to my computer, and as you can see there is several
photos were her hair is kinda light, gonna have to lower the
lights next time. But overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the photos.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shakugan no Shana - Shana Red MF

Shakugan no Shana (Shana, flaming haze)
1/8 PVC
Released: Nov 2007
Price: 5000 Yen
Manufacturer: Max Factory

Ok, took a few photos on my new Shana (though it's old)
and it turned out pretty ok for using 1 lamp.
Gonna go outside and take photos on my other figures,
really wanna use that sunlight. (b・∀・)b

Anyhow, this is one of my favorite figures in my collection.
The pose together with her sword is just gorgeous. The hair
is a work of art on this one, it's really nice with a high
quality level. The paint job is pretty much flawless, I like!

The hair is awesome, I want more at least 2 more shana's
with this kinda style over it. Come on MF, bring us some
good quality. I love the color on the hair, from the deep red
to the orange/yellowish on the tip. I also like the choice of
material for the hair, it's somewhat plastic but harder.

She got a cute face, awesome red eye's. The little cute
アホ毛 (ahoge) is a good example on a small, but
neat detail. Her face is pretty much 100% lookalike, good
job MF!

Anyhow, this figure is pretty much discontinued. It's not
superhard to get it, but most of the big companies doesn't
got it instock. But, I can recommend it to those that doesn't
already got it, go and get it!

I know the pictures are quite bright, trying to
set different settings, using 2 lamps etc.

And if anyone got any suggestion on how I can
make the photos better, please comment!(b・∀・)b

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow, wind and rain.

Ok, so I was going to go outside for a while and
take photos on a few figures. But, it has been
a really bad weather with alot of snow, wind
and some rain. I can't stand this for much long,
give me sun and perfect weather for going a walk and
take photos on figures. (b・∀・)b

Sure, taking photos indoors is pretty neat too, but
in my opinion it's not the same thing. I like the nature
more than a room or a boring background. Anyhow,
hopefully the weather will be better the next few days.

How is the weather at your place?

J-song chart 2

1: Riyu Kosaka - Ignore
2: Riyu Kosaka - Lifeless
3: Utada Hikaru - Teika 5
4: EIKO - Automaton
5: Suara - Kimi Ga Tame

Top 5 J-songs pt.1
Top 5 J-songs pt.2

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Testing camera (bad pictures edition)

Ok, yesterday I just took a few shots with my
camera, no manual setting or anything. I just
wanted to try out a few things. As you can see
it's not really good pictures. The light is
bad and the quality is so-so.

I just wanna compare to how it looks now and
in a few days when I've got the hang of it,
and getting the light up. So bare with me. (b・∀・)b

Here, I tried with my lamps inside (2) and as you
can see, the light is bad as it only hits her from the left.
I've got a few things up soon, a diffuser and a reflector, using
foil. Gonna buy myself a new desk lamp too.

Anyhow, these pictures aren't good, I know. These
are only to test.

I'm getting help from Ron at otadesho and
Lu-k from Mukyaa~, big thanks for the tutorials
and mail answers.

Boy got himself killed for watching Naruto

See the movie below, it's a sad world we live in. I can't really decide
if it's Naruto's fault or the boy just didn't had a common sense.
Don't get me wrong, I'm against Jack Thompson. Videogaming or movie's
aren't wrong, people just need to start thinking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yay, my new camera arrvied today! And Shana.

It's nice. :3

Woho, I got my camera today. Me very happy.
I also got a Shana figure today, me super happy. (b・∀・)b
Before I start trying to take a few photo's I need to read
through a fat manual *sob*. Gonna post a few test photo's later
on, but don't judge me as this is the first time I'm trying to
take decent photo's.

Any tip or tutorial are welcome! Now I've gotta study
the art of taking a good photo. ^^;

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camera, this week. (b・∀・)b

Asuka-chan, say cheese.

I bought a Canon PowerShot S5 IS from a friend
yesterday, so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.
Thanks dude. ^_^-b

What does this mean? That I'm gonna get up
figure reviews sooner than I thought.
Gonna go and buy a few stuff for a really
small scene at home, for my figures.

And as I'm a newbie on taking photos
I need to learn alot, which is fun (hopefully). 

Look forward for my reviews!

Minami-ke Okawari 11

Minami-ke Okawari 11, just another normal episode.
It starts off with an normal and pretty dumb discussion
as usual. It's kinda hard to write anything special about
Minami-ke O as it's a slice-of-life anime. Anyhow, the episode
pretty much continues in the usual pace.

Fujioka arrive's into the den of Minami. Of course Touma
is there in her usual schooluniform, which makes an pretty
awkward situation for Touma. A bit of sobbing and Kana
comes up with the stupid idea that everyone should wear
the clothes of the opposite sex to make her happy.
Later in the episode a somewhat " kana cold arc " begins.
She first fake a cold to skip the cleaning duties, (oh, silly girl).
But, this plan goes into the pit of fail as Chiaki see through
her " plan ".  ~ Small note, the manga Kana is reading, that's
epic. ~

The good old reincarnation of Jesus, Fuyuki-kun arrives.
Well, only for a short period, while Chiaki and Haruka are
out and shopping. Back home Kana-chan is deeply crushed
by the fact that she actually caught a cold for real.
Uchida comes to visit and Kana is quick to headbump
her and later use her as a slave. Mako-chan arrives too,
and he/she is used as a slave too. After several attempts to
get rid of her cold, she gives up. Chiaki and Haruka arrives
and her cold is no longer a secret. 

Kana tries to do a backdrop on Fujioka and fails. At least
Fujioka is happy.i  (b・∀・)b

Minami-ke Okawari is not as good or funny as Minami-ke
but it's not bad either. It's a pretty good anime, some of the
jokes in it are awesome.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 18

Gonna start and review anime with more pictures and
text. I want to have a more serious touch to it. 

Anyhow, gonna start with Majin 18, I really like
this anime. Today's (or yesterday's) episode was an 
action filled one, I liked it! Neuro almost got his ass kicked
but of course he is Neuro and could withstand the mighty
mob of controlled people. Here, we also got a glimpse of why
Higuchi was doing crime. I can pretty much understand him,
2 parents that only care for an online game, and then when Higuchi
hacked the game, the parents committed suicide. Ouch! 

Anyway, Yako-chan stopped him by pushing the I-pod,
thus stopping the sound. But of course, Neuro went berserk and
summoned an awesome beast, which almost vaporized the angry

The second " jinx " is destroyed by Neuro, 1 more to go.
I'm really looking forward to all of this, has been an awesome mystery
so far. Let's hope they wrap it up good, I don't like it when things end
to fast.

On with the episode, Neuro and Yako find's a " Wac "
and this time Neuro is going in for the last time, or so
he thought. Of course there is 1 sphinx left, making
HAL unreachable. Here, Neuro breaks down too, he used to
much of his power, making him pretty much worthless
*sob*. Yako finally get's to do some solo, she need to figure
out the password (Neuro can't as he don't understand humans).
She goes to Sasazuka for information about Haruka. 
After alot of food (damn, this one can eat) she finally
figures something out, goes back to the office where
Neuro is resting, thus getting his powers back.
Neuro is rather pleased with Yako this time.

While the higher up's can't say no to HAL's demands, Neuro and
Yako is going by a helicopter (where did slave nr 2 find it? ^^).

I can't really wait for the next episode to air, I need more now!
This anime is not only filled with all sorts of mysteries but also
action, which is getting heavier.

I'm wondering what is gonna happen to Neuro, as we saw here
he is getting weaker by being in the human world, so
I wonder how this will work out.
Is he going to return at the end or is he actually going to stay
in the human world? Can he even stay there or is it lethal?
I would love to see more Yako solo action.
I think she is a great character. (b・∀・)b

My projects 2008

~ It's hard, but getting there is half the fun. ~

Ok, I don't really know how to begin with this post
but something like this, maybe? ^^;

Anyway, I'm gonna try and complete 3projects this year.

My first project will be this blog. My goal with this blog
will be to reach out to you readers (of course) with my
reviews, daily life of an otaku, thoughts and such about Japan.
Gonna add more functions, try and tweak the blog a bit,
I also want to start with the reviews as soon as possible,
I'm aiming at 1st april for now. I will also take photos of the outside
Sweden (belive it or not, I'm going out), and my second project
comes in here too.

It's awesome!

My second project will be to make a Boba Fett Suit
to wear and have some fun. I mean, it looks so awesome.
Gonna start with that project around august, as I want to
get the status " unemployed " off me. Anyhow, I hope I can 
do this and complete it by the end of october, maybe? 
Danny at inspired me with his
stormtrooper suit, it just looks damn fun.

Gonna continue to study in september, after
that I'm off to Tokyo for my 2 years of school.  (b・∀・)b

I hope I will succeed with these 3 things, shouldn't
be hard, I just need to focus alot.

You got any plans for the next 5 years?

True Tears 11 ~ The One You Like Isn`t Me ~

Poor Noe-chan. What is going to happen?

True Tears, one of the best series this year, so far. Today's episode 
was awesome and almost tearfilled. I hope it will wrap up good
for the last episodes.

Anyhow, episode 11 did smite me with a heavy load of drama,
not so much Noe though *sob*. Shin'ichiro and Hitomi finally
kissed, but the after effect wasn't what I expected.
Ai-chan made up her mind at least, good for her!
I wonder what is gonna happen to Noe, is she and Shin'ichiro
gonna get together, or will it be Hitomi? A few questions,
2 episodes left. Give me more! (b・∀・)b

Is TT gonna end in a " Nice boat " or maybe a good
old drama ending? 

Saturday, March 15, 2008

H20 ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ EP 11

Oh, why couldn't you just stay there? >_<

I'm not really a fan of H20, but at least it got a pretty
nice story (with twists).

Episode 11 turned out to be a pretty nice one actually, I still
feel sorry for Hayami-chan * sob * but at least in the end of this episode,
the extreme annoying Hirose did something that even I recognize. 
Though, I wonder how he will feel about Hayami-chan, if he will " feel "
(as he can't see)  his mother in her or something else. The anime is finally
wrapping up good (1 more episode) and I hope for a nice final. I haven't
played the game, so I can't really make compare it to the anime.

Is the game better, or worse?

Anyhow, it feel's kinda nice to soon have completed this anime,
seeing as I don't really care for it.


My upcoming merchandise ~ March 2008 ~

Gonna start to review my merchandise at the
end of march, though I need my camera first, hopefully gonna buy
one from a friend. I'm gonna review everything that goes
under " merchandise " and not just figures.

Anyhow, this is my incoming load of goodies
this month. Gonna review each of them when
I got everything I need to do it. 

Wagamama Capriccio (Melissa)
Completed Figure (PVC)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Height: 18 cm
Price: 5000 Yen

Shakugan no Shana (Shana)
Completed Figure(PVC)
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Height: 17.5 cm
Price: 6000 Yen

Little Busters! (Komari)
Pillow Cover
Manufacturer: Cospa
HxW: 150x50 cm
Price: 9000 Yen

Little Busters!
Manufacturer: Cospa
Size: Diameter of 8.5cm x Height 9cm
Price: 900 Yen

Quiz Magic Academy (Aloe & CPU shalon)
Completed Figure (PVC)
Manufacturer: Alter
Height: Aloe 18cm / CPU 6cm
Price: 5200 Yen

Little Busters! (Kudryavka)
Manufacturer: Cospa
Height: 10cm
Price: 800 Yen

NGE (Petit Eva vol.2)
Figure set (9+1)
Manufacturer: Bandai
Height: N/A
Price: 4300 Yen

Treasure Figure Collection (Bushido Girl)
Completed Figure (PVC ABS)
Manufacturer: Wave
Height: 17cm
Price: 4600 Yen

Demonbane (Nendroid Al Azif)
Completed Figure (PVC ABS)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Height: 10cm
Price: 3400 Yen

Little Busters! (Komari & Rin)
Manufacturer: Broccoli
Size/Weight: 18.5 x 8.7 x 8.7 cm/270g
Price: 1900 Yen