Sunday, March 16, 2008

True Tears 11 ~ The One You Like Isn`t Me ~

Poor Noe-chan. What is going to happen?

True Tears, one of the best series this year, so far. Today's episode 
was awesome and almost tearfilled. I hope it will wrap up good
for the last episodes.

Anyhow, episode 11 did smite me with a heavy load of drama,
not so much Noe though *sob*. Shin'ichiro and Hitomi finally
kissed, but the after effect wasn't what I expected.
Ai-chan made up her mind at least, good for her!
I wonder what is gonna happen to Noe, is she and Shin'ichiro
gonna get together, or will it be Hitomi? A few questions,
2 episodes left. Give me more! (b・∀・)b

Is TT gonna end in a " Nice boat " or maybe a good
old drama ending? 


Joel said...
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Phy said...

Honestly, I couldn't care less about Hitomi - there wasn't really any time spent between the two in the series. I'm gonna be pissed if he ends up with her. They didn't do shit together the entire series. Now the thing that was goin' on between Noe and Shin'ichiro was interesting, and captivating at times. Though I find this entire series to be extremely boring, I'll still be pissed if Hitomi and Shin'ichiro end up together. Though the director may just be throwing this in to stir people's emotions, which is a possibility.