Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moetan - Pastel Ink Popup Binet

Moetan - Pastel Ink Popup Binet
Released: April 2008
Price: 8000 yen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Yay, another great figure from
GSC. This time, it's the moe moe
pastel ink from moetan. She is just
lovely ^^;. Awesome paintjob and great job
on all small details.

There is though several problems with
this figure. First of all, all the small
things she comes with, I had alot of problems
with that. Those long yellow bands that is
suppose to get stuck at her wrists
are just so annoying. I think, I sat with them
for about 10 minutes. Then, there is some random
thing sitting to her left behind her, that I had
a few problems with too.

Anyway, she comes with this big beautiful base with
alot of small details that I just love, just look
at that book. She also comes with another hand and
another blue boring base, which I really think as
waste of space, time and money for GSC to produce.

Now, I want my small nendoroid moetan and I got 2
of the cutest figures so far, I just want to hug and
cuddle with them. A warning though, don't as the
non-nendoroid would probably fall to pieces. ^^;

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fate/stay night - Nendoroid Hetare Saber

Fate/stay night - Nendoroid Hetare Saber
Released: Oct 2006
Price: 3000 yen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Finally got my hands on the
nendoroid Saber. The rest of the team
is arriving hopefully in a few weeks.

Anyway, Saber comes with a lion, 2 faces,
sword, steering wheel (for the lion) and a
transparent base. This is a fun nendoroid to play
around with, and oh so cute! I can't wait for
the other characters, you could probably play
around alot and take really cool photos.

The lion is awesome, though it feels a bit
cheap. But the details on it and the paintjob
is great.

As you can see, some of the photos are darker
as I turned her around. They came out pretty

It was such a good day, warm and only a
few clouds. Let's hope these days continue,
as I want to take more photos of my figures
in the outside world. ^^;

One of my favorite nendoroids so far,
but Saber is pure epic anyway. More
nendoroid to the people, they are cute
and fun to play around with (photosession).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Konna musume ga itara boku ha mou !! - Suzuhara Shino

Konna musume ga itara boku ha mou !! - Suzuhara Shinon
Released: April 2008
Price: 11,300 yen
Manufacturer: Matching World

Ah, I really like this pillow. Suzuhara is so
cute, and soft. ^^;

Like Komari, this is about 150x50 cm, so it takes
up alot of space in the bed. But, it's worth it as the
material is somewhat different from the Komari.
Matching world went with a more soft material on this one
and I appericiate that.

The details, motive and colors are all damn
fine, Matching World ichiban! Both sides are
awesome, but I'm going with the " less clothes, more skin".
I'm not to sure how I'm gonna fit the 2 pillows and
myself in my bed yet, any ideas? ^^,

Note: It comes with a set of sweet dreams. (b・∀・)b

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quiz Magic Academy - Aloe & CPU Shalon

Quiz Magic Academy - Aloe & CPU Shalon
Released: March 2008
Price: 5300 Yen
Manufacturer: Alter

My cute Aloe & CPU Shalon arrived 2 days ago,
and it's a fine set of 2 figures. I haven't watched
Quiz Magic Academy yet, is it any good? Anyhow,
I'm gonna take a look at that anime later on.

2 figures, we got the cute Aloe which comes with 2
different hands. One normal and one were she holds an egg,
I guess this has something to do with the anime?
And, the small CPU Shalon which is so cute.

When I took the photos, I later discovered
some small lights here and there, and I'm
not too sure how I can take a photo without
them? I know it has something to do with the
lamps, but not really sure if it's the strength of
the light or maybe the angle.

I also got pretty strong shadows, nothing
major though.

Anyhow, Alter has done a pretty good job on
this one. The paintjob is pretty solid, and it feels
good. Her face is the only part I dislike, I think it
feels so plain and boring.  Everything else is fine.
The hair looks awesome too, I love twintails. ^^;

At least the underwear looks good, kinda hard to
get a good photo though, as she tends to fall over

CPU Shalon, kawaii desu ne~ About 6cm..

I'm really happy I ordered this, it's a fine set of
figures. Getting CPU Shalon to stay on her arms
were a pain though, but I got her to stay at last. (b・∀・)b
Now, I want a 1/8 Shalon PVC.