Saturday, April 19, 2008

Konna musume ga itara boku ha mou !! - Suzuhara Shino

Konna musume ga itara boku ha mou !! - Suzuhara Shinon
Released: April 2008
Price: 11,300 yen
Manufacturer: Matching World

Ah, I really like this pillow. Suzuhara is so
cute, and soft. ^^;

Like Komari, this is about 150x50 cm, so it takes
up alot of space in the bed. But, it's worth it as the
material is somewhat different from the Komari.
Matching world went with a more soft material on this one
and I appericiate that.

The details, motive and colors are all damn
fine, Matching World ichiban! Both sides are
awesome, but I'm going with the " less clothes, more skin".
I'm not to sure how I'm gonna fit the 2 pillows and
myself in my bed yet, any ideas? ^^,

Note: It comes with a set of sweet dreams. (b・∀・)b


gordon said...

i love ribbon on pantsu. ^^

anyway my mum will kill me if she sees me with one of those.

Timotei said...

Yeah, ribbon on pantsu is epic. ^^,

Aaw, well I'm living with my grandparents and the only thing my grandma said about the komari pillow was " that's a beautiful pillow ". She haven't seen this yet though, waiting for a reaction. ^^-b