Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quiz Magic Academy - Aloe & CPU Shalon

Quiz Magic Academy - Aloe & CPU Shalon
Released: March 2008
Price: 5300 Yen
Manufacturer: Alter

My cute Aloe & CPU Shalon arrived 2 days ago,
and it's a fine set of 2 figures. I haven't watched
Quiz Magic Academy yet, is it any good? Anyhow,
I'm gonna take a look at that anime later on.

2 figures, we got the cute Aloe which comes with 2
different hands. One normal and one were she holds an egg,
I guess this has something to do with the anime?
And, the small CPU Shalon which is so cute.

When I took the photos, I later discovered
some small lights here and there, and I'm
not too sure how I can take a photo without
them? I know it has something to do with the
lamps, but not really sure if it's the strength of
the light or maybe the angle.

I also got pretty strong shadows, nothing
major though.

Anyhow, Alter has done a pretty good job on
this one. The paintjob is pretty solid, and it feels
good. Her face is the only part I dislike, I think it
feels so plain and boring.  Everything else is fine.
The hair looks awesome too, I love twintails. ^^;

At least the underwear looks good, kinda hard to
get a good photo though, as she tends to fall over

CPU Shalon, kawaii desu ne~ About 6cm..

I'm really happy I ordered this, it's a fine set of
figures. Getting CPU Shalon to stay on her arms
were a pain though, but I got her to stay at last. (b・∀・)b
Now, I want a 1/8 Shalon PVC. 

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