Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Busters! Dakimukura - Kamikita Komari

Little Busters! Dakimukura - Kamikita Komari
Released: March 2008
Price: 9000 Yen
Manufacturer: Cospa

Ah, my cute Komari pillow. I'm really satisfied
with this one. The material is soft and clean,
so it's really nice to sleep with. Though, she takes
up alot of space in the bed. The size is about
150x50cm which is big. But, I won't complain,
I like it alot. The worst thing about pillows like this
is that you can't buy alot of them, cause they take up
alot of space. But, I wouldn't mind filling my bed with these.

But, it was damn hard to take photos on it, because
of the size. Is there any good way of taking
photos on things like these?

Cospa did a great job on the details on
the pillow. It looks so great, even better
when you stand next to it. Many of you should know
that things like pillowcovers and towels often
got these crease in the beginning. So, the photos
came out kinda weird. Anyhow, I'm happy with my
Komari, and hopefully Cospa will release a Rin
Dakimukura, then I will be happy panda. ^^;

I will take photos on my other pillow later on,
which is more of a NSFW pillow. But, it's damn fine.
So, look forward to it my fellow otakus.


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Marty said...

Dear Timotei, you're like the sun and the moon to me.

I'm looking forward to get a look on that NSFW pillow of yours. ;()

Yours sincerely, Marty.

gordon said...

sweet dreams every night. ^^