Saturday, March 15, 2008

H20 ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ EP 11

Oh, why couldn't you just stay there? >_<

I'm not really a fan of H20, but at least it got a pretty
nice story (with twists).

Episode 11 turned out to be a pretty nice one actually, I still
feel sorry for Hayami-chan * sob * but at least in the end of this episode,
the extreme annoying Hirose did something that even I recognize. 
Though, I wonder how he will feel about Hayami-chan, if he will " feel "
(as he can't see)  his mother in her or something else. The anime is finally
wrapping up good (1 more episode) and I hope for a nice final. I haven't
played the game, so I can't really make compare it to the anime.

Is the game better, or worse?

Anyhow, it feel's kinda nice to soon have completed this anime,
seeing as I don't really care for it.


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