Saturday, March 15, 2008

My upcoming merchandise ~ March 2008 ~

Gonna start to review my merchandise at the
end of march, though I need my camera first, hopefully gonna buy
one from a friend. I'm gonna review everything that goes
under " merchandise " and not just figures.

Anyhow, this is my incoming load of goodies
this month. Gonna review each of them when
I got everything I need to do it. 

Wagamama Capriccio (Melissa)
Completed Figure (PVC)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Height: 18 cm
Price: 5000 Yen

Shakugan no Shana (Shana)
Completed Figure(PVC)
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Height: 17.5 cm
Price: 6000 Yen

Little Busters! (Komari)
Pillow Cover
Manufacturer: Cospa
HxW: 150x50 cm
Price: 9000 Yen

Little Busters!
Manufacturer: Cospa
Size: Diameter of 8.5cm x Height 9cm
Price: 900 Yen

Quiz Magic Academy (Aloe & CPU shalon)
Completed Figure (PVC)
Manufacturer: Alter
Height: Aloe 18cm / CPU 6cm
Price: 5200 Yen

Little Busters! (Kudryavka)
Manufacturer: Cospa
Height: 10cm
Price: 800 Yen

NGE (Petit Eva vol.2)
Figure set (9+1)
Manufacturer: Bandai
Height: N/A
Price: 4300 Yen

Treasure Figure Collection (Bushido Girl)
Completed Figure (PVC ABS)
Manufacturer: Wave
Height: 17cm
Price: 4600 Yen

Demonbane (Nendroid Al Azif)
Completed Figure (PVC ABS)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Height: 10cm
Price: 3400 Yen

Little Busters! (Komari & Rin)
Manufacturer: Broccoli
Size/Weight: 18.5 x 8.7 x 8.7 cm/270g
Price: 1900 Yen

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