Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Megachu! - Leukothea

 Megachu! (Leukothea)
1/8 PVC
Released: Oct 2007
Price: 4500 YEN
Manufacturer: Alter

The eroge and hentai Megachu! got some sweet
characters, such as Fauna, Jordh and Leukothea.
My personal favorite is Leukothea, cute little
loli with small pigtails and small wings, she is just
too cute.

Alter really did a great job with the whole head part.
Her face is awesome, and the hair is just superb done.
I really like the face, it got good details and a nice paint job.

The body is nice too, though there is a minor flaw in
my opinion. Her left arm looks kinda strange, but it's not
something that completly destroys the figure. Also, you can
see a few lines from the work, but as with the arm, nothing major.
The pose is sweet, especially if you stand behind her. (b・∀・)b

I used 2 lamps, though 1 of the lamps was kinda strong.
I didn't noticed how strong it was until I had transferred the
photos to my computer, and as you can see there is several
photos were her hair is kinda light, gonna have to lower the
lights next time. But overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the photos.

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Anonymous said...

I love leukthea what a babe! Astra was sexy too they are both such sexy yummy hot loli's.