Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clannad - Sakagami Tomoyo

Clannad (Tomoyo)
1/8 PVC
Released: Apr 2006
Price: 3500 Yen
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Tomoyo, one of my personal favorites in Clannad. She
is just stunning. Kotobukiya did a pretty good job
with this one, she is cute and looks pretty much
as she should. Though, there is a few flaws here
and there, but those are from the mass production.
And as you can see, I used a black background, though
I used some light on it. I didn't want a complete
black background on this one.

The paintjob is great, and the molding is nice too.
There is a few spots on her hair, like a really
small crack, from mass production. Nothing major
though. I also like this whole apron and pot pose,
she really fits into the whole thing. Also, I noticed
I got some small lightspots (I tried to erase them
using gimp). Anyone know how I can erase these from
the beginning?

I noticed how some photos got a darker background,
don't know why as I didn't moved the lamps that much.
Anyway, her slippers are just to cute. I had a hard time
taking a good photo on these, the shadows were pretty
hard to soften up. I used 1 diffuser, 1 lamp from above
(40-45 degrees from her) and a reflector (foil). Suggestion?

Anyway, I'm really exicted to get the rest of the Clannad
girls, hopefully they will be as good (or better) as Tomoyo.


gordon said...

nice shots. tomoyo looks great. i feel lika getting one as well (but not sure whether i can get it from the local stores though. orz)

teh slippers looks cute i agree. it looks like the same bear she wears in costume. ^^;

Panther said...

Your angle was probably wrong, with the lights. Using too dark a background or too bright a light is not a good idea either.

Try with lights that have yellow light. Use a reflector from another angle instead of two lights, might get better results.

Timotei said...

Well, I'm currently using 2 lamps with yellow light. My setup is 1 lamp from above, slighty behind the figure, 1 diffuser 45 degrees from the figure and 1 reflector on the left side of the figure.

Gonna try and use 1 lamp and play with the reflector next time. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

And Gordon, she is gorgeous. It's a must buy. ^^