Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camera, this week. (b・∀・)b

Asuka-chan, say cheese.

I bought a Canon PowerShot S5 IS from a friend
yesterday, so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.
Thanks dude. ^_^-b

What does this mean? That I'm gonna get up
figure reviews sooner than I thought.
Gonna go and buy a few stuff for a really
small scene at home, for my figures.

And as I'm a newbie on taking photos
I need to learn alot, which is fun (hopefully). 

Look forward for my reviews!


gordon said...

hi, gordon from dannychoo.com here. saw the sexy asuka picture from this post at otaku.fm so decided to come it and say hi. congrats on your new camera. look forward to your photos of figures. ^^;

Panther said...

Yea congratulations on the camera. I took some pictures and did small research, digital cameras according to a friend who is more versed in photography, especially regarding figures, are made of fail.

However you can see the best I tried to do with mine in my blog, in the Figure of the Month features recently. Would be glad to help you with any questions if possible. Cheers. :)

danielmer said...

nice picture of asuka