Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Minami-ke Okawari 11

Minami-ke Okawari 11, just another normal episode.
It starts off with an normal and pretty dumb discussion
as usual. It's kinda hard to write anything special about
Minami-ke O as it's a slice-of-life anime. Anyhow, the episode
pretty much continues in the usual pace.

Fujioka arrive's into the den of Minami. Of course Touma
is there in her usual schooluniform, which makes an pretty
awkward situation for Touma. A bit of sobbing and Kana
comes up with the stupid idea that everyone should wear
the clothes of the opposite sex to make her happy.
Later in the episode a somewhat " kana cold arc " begins.
She first fake a cold to skip the cleaning duties, (oh, silly girl).
But, this plan goes into the pit of fail as Chiaki see through
her " plan ".  ~ Small note, the manga Kana is reading, that's
epic. ~

The good old reincarnation of Jesus, Fuyuki-kun arrives.
Well, only for a short period, while Chiaki and Haruka are
out and shopping. Back home Kana-chan is deeply crushed
by the fact that she actually caught a cold for real.
Uchida comes to visit and Kana is quick to headbump
her and later use her as a slave. Mako-chan arrives too,
and he/she is used as a slave too. After several attempts to
get rid of her cold, she gives up. Chiaki and Haruka arrives
and her cold is no longer a secret. 

Kana tries to do a backdrop on Fujioka and fails. At least
Fujioka is happy.i  (b・∀・)b

Minami-ke Okawari is not as good or funny as Minami-ke
but it's not bad either. It's a pretty good anime, some of the
jokes in it are awesome.

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