Sunday, March 16, 2008

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro 18

Gonna start and review anime with more pictures and
text. I want to have a more serious touch to it. 

Anyhow, gonna start with Majin 18, I really like
this anime. Today's (or yesterday's) episode was an 
action filled one, I liked it! Neuro almost got his ass kicked
but of course he is Neuro and could withstand the mighty
mob of controlled people. Here, we also got a glimpse of why
Higuchi was doing crime. I can pretty much understand him,
2 parents that only care for an online game, and then when Higuchi
hacked the game, the parents committed suicide. Ouch! 

Anyway, Yako-chan stopped him by pushing the I-pod,
thus stopping the sound. But of course, Neuro went berserk and
summoned an awesome beast, which almost vaporized the angry

The second " jinx " is destroyed by Neuro, 1 more to go.
I'm really looking forward to all of this, has been an awesome mystery
so far. Let's hope they wrap it up good, I don't like it when things end
to fast.

On with the episode, Neuro and Yako find's a " Wac "
and this time Neuro is going in for the last time, or so
he thought. Of course there is 1 sphinx left, making
HAL unreachable. Here, Neuro breaks down too, he used to
much of his power, making him pretty much worthless
*sob*. Yako finally get's to do some solo, she need to figure
out the password (Neuro can't as he don't understand humans).
She goes to Sasazuka for information about Haruka. 
After alot of food (damn, this one can eat) she finally
figures something out, goes back to the office where
Neuro is resting, thus getting his powers back.
Neuro is rather pleased with Yako this time.

While the higher up's can't say no to HAL's demands, Neuro and
Yako is going by a helicopter (where did slave nr 2 find it? ^^).

I can't really wait for the next episode to air, I need more now!
This anime is not only filled with all sorts of mysteries but also
action, which is getting heavier.

I'm wondering what is gonna happen to Neuro, as we saw here
he is getting weaker by being in the human world, so
I wonder how this will work out.
Is he going to return at the end or is he actually going to stay
in the human world? Can he even stay there or is it lethal?
I would love to see more Yako solo action.
I think she is a great character. (b・∀・)b

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