Thursday, March 20, 2008

Testing camera (bad pictures edition)

Ok, yesterday I just took a few shots with my
camera, no manual setting or anything. I just
wanted to try out a few things. As you can see
it's not really good pictures. The light is
bad and the quality is so-so.

I just wanna compare to how it looks now and
in a few days when I've got the hang of it,
and getting the light up. So bare with me. (b・∀・)b

Here, I tried with my lamps inside (2) and as you
can see, the light is bad as it only hits her from the left.
I've got a few things up soon, a diffuser and a reflector, using
foil. Gonna buy myself a new desk lamp too.

Anyhow, these pictures aren't good, I know. These
are only to test.

I'm getting help from Ron at otadesho and
Lu-k from Mukyaa~, big thanks for the tutorials
and mail answers.


Panther said...

Wow reflector and stuff. Good shit you will be working with. You need three light sources and the background should be some distance away from your figure. Try to set your camera shot to "Cuisine" or something like that for still photography.

All lights should be roughly the same in brightness, best lights should be yellow-white or yellowish. Hope this helps.

Timotei said...

Well, gonna have to try different settings and such. I can't really expect good pictures the first few days when I learn.

Still a newbie, and yeah I need 2 more lamps.

Panther said...

Yep I am learning here as well, my results are already in my blog and I cannot get fancy stuff, so that was the best I could get. Sometimes you can also increase the lighting in your camera while you take the digital picture, I did for some of mine. Maybe you want to try that too.

Timotei said...

Well, I'm getting help from Ron. He gave me a few tips on the shutter speed, aperture f/stop, camera timer, white balance and such.

So, I got a base to build on.

Your pictures are looking good. (b・∀・)b

gordon said...

will love to see higher resolutions of your shots. the pics u posted are kinda small so it's hard to judge.

anyway i'm also a rookie to photography. currently only doing outdoor shots as it's much easier. i always screw up with indoor shots. >.<