Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mabinogi - Nendoroid Nao

Mabinogi - Nendoroid Nao
Released: Dec 2007
Price: 3500 yen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Another nendoroid in my collection.
This time it's the cute Nao from
Mabinogi. I haven't played the game
but it seems like Harvest moon mmorpg?

Goodsmile company really delivers
and Nao is flawless. The paintjob is
solid and all the parts are easy to
use. She comes with a big magic staff (I guess),
2 different faces, 4 different arms (not at the same time ^^;)
and the owl (which comes with 4 different wings).

It almost feels like summer now, so it's
pretty awesome to be outside and taking
photos. I haven't worked so much with the
sunlight so if there is anything I could
improve, please comment. ^^-b

Anyone tried the game? Is it any good?
It looks kinda cute. Oh, I also got the
Petit EVA 2 which I will post tomorrow
if I get the time. And, I need to buy more
space for my figures, I got zero space in
my display case. Anyone got a good suggestion?


gordon said...

get a Ikea Detolf dude. it's cheap and good and don't take out too much space.

btw i love the background in this shoot. what is it?

Timotei said...

I got one detolf from the Ikea, I just love it. ^^, Though, it's filled up now.

My house, it's the front of it. I find it really easy to just go to the front of the house or the lawn at the backyard and take my photos. No need to travel into a hidden forest or something. ^^,

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