Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Busters! - Natsume Rin

Little Busters! - Natsume Rin
Released: April 2008
Price: 5000 yen
Manufacturer: Cospa

Been pretty busy lately, and GTA 4
got released 2 days ago. And, alot of
goodies has been delayed, damn you Toyslogic.

The godly Hobbysearch delivers always delivers
on time, thank you. My cute and big towel with
Rin on arrived a few days ago. And, here she is.

Yes, it's fresh from the package which means:
crease! Hopefully, all of them will disappear over
time. At least it's soft and sweet, won't use it though. Gonna
try and hang it somewhere, maybe try and use some space
on the ceiling.

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