Thursday, May 1, 2008

Demonbane - Al Azif Nendoroid

Demonbane - Al Azif nendoroid
Released: Feb 2008
Price: 3500 yen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Goodsmile Company delivers quality, and
they deliver cute stuff. This Al nendoroid
is ubercute, I love her so much. Heck, I love
pretty much all nendoroids, they are bad ass. ^^,

Al azif comes with a few things. She comes with 3
different faces, 2 red ribbons and that, um
helm or something? ^^, Also, that yellow blob,
he looks kinda pissed though. GSC did a great job on the
quality here, it really feels great. The paintjob is
almost flawless, the only problem I have is that the color
on the inside of the helm may create problems for Al's hair.

I want more of Al, mooore. Should really
pre-order the normal Al azif, but my wallet will
get a beat. Did anyone actually enjoy Demonbane? I
thought it was lame, but Al were <3.

1 comment:

gordon said...

the one-eyed yellow monster looks cute too. ^^;