Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fortune Arterial - Erika Sendo

Fortune Arterial - Erika Sendo
Released: April 2006
Price: 5500 yen
Manufacturer: Wave

Yaay, Erika finally arrives. Fortune Arterial,
a really nice eroge with one of my favorite
character ever. She comes with a base
and a pretty big board with the name title
on it. Though, it's not the whole title, my guess is
that the other 2 figures (Togi and Kuze) will also
feature these boards. A small plastic piece also
comes and it's suppose to connect to another base.

Togi, Kuze and Erika will probably look awesome
when all 3 are connected. I can't wait.

She looks pretty nice, it's not a 10/10.
I will pray for a GSC nendoroid series and/or
a version from Kotobukiya. Wave isn't my favorite
either, though they have done a pretty nice work
on this too. You could say Wave and Alter are on the
same level, at least that's my opinion.

Paintjob is great, a few spots here
and there, nothing major. Molding is pretty much
flawless, great job. Love her pose too.

Had trouble with the face on this one too,
damn hair (and sun). She got pretty big eyes too,
which fits her, as she got big in the game too.
A bit hard to take a good picture on her pantsu,
but somehow I managed.

With Togi and Kuze, this will be one of
my favorite figureset, it will probably
take up 1 level in my detolf, but it will
be worth it.

Anyone played the eroge?
Did you like it?

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