Friday, April 4, 2008

Sekaijuu no Meikyuu - Bushido Girl

Sekaijuu no Meikyuu - Bushido Girl
Released: Jan 2008
Price: 4600 Yen
Manufacturer: Wave

The fearsome Bushido Girl from Sekaijuu no Meikyuu
(also known as Etrian Odyssey DS game). Wave has done
something neat with this one, I really like the design
and feeling from this figure. It looks awesome.
Comes with a sword, that you can either point
forward with her, or to the back. I use it to the
back and it looks awesome. ^^,
Watch out for it though, it can probably damage
an eye or two. (>・∀・)>

Good work on those details. This figure doesn't have
a single flaw (yet), though I'm not really looking for
it. This is one of my favorites now. The paintjob and
molding looks like a great amount of work too.

A bit dark, but you can't miss her
badass face. Lovely red eyes. Ah, I should
have used my reflector on a different spot.

Comes with a black base. It looks really good,
though it seems to get dusty fast T_T.
I like these black shiny bases better than the
transparent one's. The wood bases are awesome too.

I haven't played Sekaijuu no Mekiyuu, but I just
had to buy this. Wave did a great job with this one,
I'm impressed. I'm hoping for more from Wave with this
quality, they aren't far from GSC.

Bought it from HLJ (HobbyLink Japan).

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