Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NGE - Evangelion at School Petit Eva vol.2

Released: Oct 2007
Price: 4200 Yen
Manufacturer: Bandai

Woho, finally got one of my Petit Eva boxes. A
must buy for any fan, I just love it! There is
9 figures + 1 special in a single box. Some
sites say that you don't always get the secret,
if thats the case, well then I'm lucky. (b・∀・)b

The secret in vol.2 is this adorable Keel Lorentz (?).
I don't really understand why it says Keel Lorentz,
other than the mask that he also wears. Anyway, she looks
bad ass with the mask on. A good choice for a secret figure.

And as always, there is a few cute mini animals/angels
in each box, kawaii ne. (^ з^)

I'm really happy with the content in this one.
You can do pretty much with them, fun photos
and try different settings. I can't wait for the
rest of my boxes, also gotta buy the first one.
They are pretty cheap, I mean you get alot of stuff
and in my opinion you can have more fun with these
and nendroids, than you can with bigger ones (figma
owns though).

I also got NGE platinum box, Air artbox + dvd
and NHK ni Youkoso! artbox + dvd, pictures later.

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