Thursday, April 3, 2008

Clannad - Kyou mini pillow

Clannad (Kyon)
Released: March 2008
Price: 2185 Yen
Manufacturer: MATCHING WORLD

Around 09:00 today, the doorbell is ringing. Way to early
for me, as I got in bed around 04:00. Anyway, I'm drowsy
like a pair of rotten oranges. But, I made it in time!
The postman stood there with my small package from
Hobby Search. And in it, this small cute pillow, which is
insanely soft. Kyou-chan, kawaii.

I love this pillow, though I can't wait for my
150x50 pillowcovers to arrive. Hopefully, Hobby Search
will ship them today or tomorrow.


gordon said...

2185 yen is cheap! O_O
me want 1 as well!
me want kotomi!

Timotei said...

Yeah, they are really cheap thus going out of stock really fast. Hopefully, Kotomi will be announced later, don't know if Matching World will do ne though.