Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anime 2008 ~ My watchlist~

The year is flying by really fast.
We are already in the middle of april, and
of course alot of new anime is aired.

I've started to follow a few new anime,
and I can say that it seems that this " batch "
is better than the start of the year.
If there is any anime I missed, please comment
and give any suggestions as I don't want to miss

Allison to Lillia


A fine anime that probably will offer action,
mystery and drama. The animations aren't topnotch but
" cute " and fits perfect. The anime isn't a
big deal, but still worth looking out for.


GONZO, Nitro+

One of my most wanted series this year, and how
did it turn out? Alot of cg's, alot of action and
awesome animation. I'm not a big fan of cg's, but Blass
does a good job with it. It's a bad ass anime with bad ass

Bus Gamer

Frontier Works

I didn't have my eyes on this, it just popped up
from the underground. And boy, this is a great anime
in my opinion. One of my favorites at the moment, it's
still unclear if it will be able to hold onto the cool
and dark atmosphere. The characters are great, and the
Noname team got an awesome mix of 3 guys. I'm gonna
follow this to the end.

Code Geass R2


I think everyone knows this one. Will probably
be one of the better shows this year.

Druaga no To: the Aegis of Uruk


I love how this anime is a parody of the
shounen/fantasy ones. It really makes fun of every
element that exist in these kinda shows. The anime
itself isn't that great, but thanks to the parody and
animation, it's one you need on your watchlist.

Itazura na Kiss

TMS Entertainment

Itazura doesn't seem that special, but I'm gonna
give it a few more episodes. It seems to be the normal
girl falls in love with guy that are superior. The
animation isn't that good either. At least the female
protagonist is cute.

Kamen no Maid Guy


Had this on my watchlist since last year, and it turned
out to be so-so. Another new anime that has a pretty
low quality on the animation. The design on the other hand is
pretty neat, though Kogarashi is ugly like hell. Will give it
2 more episodes.



Furries, cute furries. I liked this alot though
it will have a crappy story, but who on earth watch
this kinda anime for the story? The animation is lovely
and the characters are cute (females). Will be finishing
this, hopefully the twinlolis will be appearing soon. ^^;


Brains Base

Kurenai, one of the more serious shows. Awesome anime,
I already love it. Interesting base of characters and
seem to have an epic story. Animation is clean too, a good
job on this one, BB. Should be on the must watchlist.

Special A


Special A, the first episode wasn't that good. It didn't
introduce something new or at least tried to remake something.
I know that alot of the new anime isn't remarkable or
unique either but, at least they got a good base of characters,
great animation or story. This lacks pretty much all of it, I will
still give it 1 more episode to see if it deliver something else.
This and Itazura na Kiss is the worst so far.

Soul Eater


BONES, yay. Eureka 7 and now this. Soul Eater got
one of the best animation so far, I love it. And,
Soul Eater got the best OP so far too, TMR is
awesome. This anime got it all, from bad ass action,
cool characters, and cute witches/magical cats ^^;.
It seems to have a pretty ok story too, nothing in the
top 10 but it sure works with everything in the anime.
And, Soul Eater is a bad ass. Put it on the must



XEBEC got Kanokon and this now. 2 of the best ecchi
anime so far. I think most of us knows Lala-chan
and her adventure. At least those who has been
reading the manga. Like Kanokon, beautiful girls but
lacks a great story. On the watchlist, cause it's
so cute. ^^;

Vampire Knight

Studio DEEN

Um, a bad ass vampire anime with beautiful vampires.
Does this work for the hardcore fans or the girls? I'm not
sure, but I liked it. It seems to have a perfect balance
with comedy and action. It will be interesting to follow
the extremely cute Yuki and bad ass Zero. On the must
watchlist too. Oh, and this got an awesome OP too.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama


I'm not sure were to put this anime, but it seems
to be something between a mystery with furries and
a small part of comedy. Hopefully, it will maintain
the serious act throughout the whole anime as it was
great. Animation were great, Ku-chan kawaii~. Must
watchlist on this too.

xxxHOLiC: Kei

CLAMP, Production I.G

Most of us should know what xxxHOLiC is. I liked it
and will be following this. CLAMP, you are awesome.

Kite Liberator


Same as with Bus Gamer, I didn't knew about this.
And, gosh what an anime. After the first OVA was
finished, I wanted more and I can't wait for it.
The action is bad ass in this one, with an cute female
protagonist Monaka. Here, the animation is topnotch
in my opinion, it's just so beautiful. The design is
awesome too. On my must watchlist.


Panther said...

FYI, Tower of Druaga itself is a MMO. The Japanese MMO has the same name, but I forgot what the back part was (ie. the anime is called the Aegis of Uruk, the MMO itself is something else). I want to watch it urgh.

Allison & Lillia is done by the same scriptwriter (or something, forgot) that wrote/came up with Last Exile, so folks who enjoyed that might want to watch this. At least it is not done by Gonzo.

Timotei said...

Ah, didn't know Druaga came from an MMO. It seemed a bit like a game, so I'm not suprised. ^^

Allision to Lillia is a great one and I can't wait for more. And Madhouse has done a great job on Allision, let's hope they continue with the same quality to the end.

Lsio said...

more precisely Druaga is an arcade game by Namco back in 80s. And the anime takes place 100 years after the game.

I didn't know about Allison & Lillia. I like Last Exile. I'm gonna check it out late.