Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why I collect merchandise from Japan

Well, why do I collect figures? Mugs/Cups/Cans?
Pillow covers? Cards? Clothes? Wallscrolls?

Well, the list goes on but I guess the mainreason is that
I'm a I really like the design. Also I love
to collect things, and this is now my main hobby.
I guess it all started with a few animeepisodes when I was young
and after that it just got worse. Actually, this hobby is
only 2 years old so I'm fairly new. But I've researched
about all of these things, I follow other blogs and
you can say that I've done my homework.

It's a pretty expensive hobby too, my money
vanishs on a few days but it sure is fun. Some may say
" Why waste your cash on this when you can do other stuff? "
or " Let's go out and drink until we either puke or get into a fight ".
My answer: I like what I do and I think it's fun. I'm gonna continue to
waste money ( you gotta buy something, right? ) until I die.
And of course all of my merchandise has to go with me ( A rather big coffin ^^;)

I'm pretty much alone with this kinda hobby where I live,
with this I mean that neither friends nor family collects.
I actually don't know anyone that collects in my city.
One dream would be to either create a own company
that creates figures(PVC) or be in that kinda company.
Shall have to wait and see what the future holds.

How about you? Why do you collect ( if you collect ), is it the same as me?
When did you found out about this hobby? Do you plan to continue or maybe
stop in the near future? Is it a popular hobby in your city or is a shameful thing?

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