Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shigofumi EP 10

Maybe a bit weird to begin at episode 10 but bare with me ^^;

Anyhow, this episode is without a doubt my favorite one.
The episode had drama, comedy and a good portion of depressing scenes.
Takehiko-san was a real downer, while
Fumika-chan( 小さい version ) was a happy girl.
They made a great mix.
It was almost like Fumika made Takehiko-san happier,
if he had lived on maybe he would have realised this.
At least lived for a while ( he had cancer ).

At the end the episode took a pretty deep dive
into the sea of sadness as Fumika didn't
understand why Takehiko-san was " sleeping ".
And the end gave some questions as Fumika woke up.
What will happen to Fumika ( 大きい version ) ?

I wonder what will happen in EP 11. What do you think?

大きい Ookii  = Big
小さい  Chiisai = Small

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Joakim said...

Gokurosan, Timotei-chin.( ゚∀゚)o彡