Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wagamama Capriccio - Melissa Seraphy

Wagamama Capriccio - Melissa Seraphy
Released: Aug 2006
Price: 5300 Yen
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

My first figure out in the nature. It was a pretty fine
day in my backyard, no direct sunlight and no clouds.
Anyway, Melissa is an old figure, so I didn't take
alot of pictures, just for testing and suggestions.
Melissa is damn cute, with or without her pumpkin.
Though, she looks better without it. (b・∀・)b

Her pumpkin is pretty cool, I like it. It was pretty
hard to get it off the first time, but it was worth it. ^^;
Everything seems like it got good quality and the
job is superb on it. Being my favorite company, GSC really
brings the best things to the table.

She looks better without the pumpkin, though she
can't stand without it on the base. Gotta have to find
something to support her from behind. Small details on
the panties, and I love the color. The little ribbon
is awesome too, great paint job.

I can't wait for the nendoroid Melissa to be
released, omega kawaii. The only problem I had with
taking pictures outside was the stupid bugs everywhere.
And that my cute Melissa got her shoes dirty.
If you don't own this figure, buy it now! It's a
gorgeous looking figure and with the nendoroid coming
you can have some fun.


gordon said...

nice work! i want this figure as well but it's sold out everywhere. orz

anyway if u want to display her without the pumpkin, u can get those custom stands use for gundam. they hold the figure by the waist.

for example this

Timotei said...

Thanks. Yeah, it's pretty hard to get as it's so old.

Ah, thanks for the suggestion! Def gonna take a closer look on these
" gundam stands ".

Panther said...

Nice shoot. Too bad doing any outdoor shoots here will either end abruptly or result in polluted figure.

ron~ said...

nice photoshoot, I love this figurine, she's my favorite :)

Timotei said...

Thanks. The daylight is so much better than my current lamps, so gonna continue outside until I get my 2 5000 kelvin lamps.