Friday, March 14, 2008

Clannad 21

How about some green tea sir? 

First I want to say, I love this anime so much!
Kudos to KyoAni and Key. Anyhow, episode 21
was really good.

Anyhow, this episode was really good. The first 15 minutes
were pretty normal, but later in the episode things really started to happen.
It wasn't really hard to understand that Nagisa would find the cardboxes
with all those memories.

I loved how the episode turned from a pretty happy
atmosphere to a pretty depressing and sad one.
I wonder how Nagisa will feel when she will act ( if she even is gonna act ).
The preview of the final episode ( 22, though there is more episodes to come )
looked pretty dark. I hope KyoAni will wrap this up good.
Still, I'm a bit more fond of the game as it just feels better at everything. 
And there seems to be no return now for a Nagisa x Tomoya, bah!

I want more Kyou-chan action. (>゚∀゚) >

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